Born in 1968, in Touissit, a small town in the West of Morocco, Mostapha Romli has always seen photography as a means not to reproduce but to reconstruct reality. Before the final click, which is a precise moment in time, there is a preliminary thinking, the intervention of the photographer who brings his own artistic touch and sensitivity, the elaboration of the setting, the choice of techniques depending on the desired result... Mostapha Romli presented his first exhibition “Ombres et Lumières” (Shadows and Lights) in Oujda in 1989 and, precursor as well as hard defender of photography, was among the initiators of the first International Festival of Photography in Morocco. He then moved to Casablanca, where he lived the emergence of the first Moroccan magazines and the advertising sector. He made his first cover in 1993 for Maghreb Magazine, the most famous monthly magazine of that time, with a report on cannabis that caused a scandal. Then followed a long association, since 1994, with Maisons du Maroc, as official photographer, before working with almost all major Moroccan magazines and advertising agencies. This could be summed up to more than 200 covers, thousands of pictures published and hundreds of advertising campaigns. In 1997, he opened the first image production company in Morocco. He is now Director of photography for the magazines Déco Actuelle, Maroc Premium and Arts du Maroc. A retrospective of his work was presented at the Galerie Rive Gauche in 2010, on the fringe of the 50 Days for Photography in Geneva.

Personal Exhibitions (selection)


2017 . Museum of Fine Arts of Cluj, Romania
2017 . Foundation Building Bridges Art Exchange, Los Angeles, USA
2016 . Dark Love, Infinite Red, Künstlerhaus Schloss Wiepersdorf Fläming, Germany
2014 . Jihad Al Nikah IV, Ex-Cathédrale du Sacré-Cœur, Casablanca, Morocco
2013 . Jihad Al Nikah III, Galery L’Arteria, Valencia, Spain
2013 . Jihad Al Nikah II, Brocken Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
2013 . Jihad Al Nikah I, Rivaria Gallery, Osaka, Japan
2012 . L’art c’est une sale Histoire (series of erotic painting ). Centre d’art contemporain d’Essaouira,  Morocco
2010 . Work at ten hands( yo no traduciría el título original en francés), act II (video),  Cultural Centre of Chouica, Valencia, Spain
2010 . Regard sur 15 ans de la mode marocaine, Galerie Rive Gauche, within  50 days of  Photography in Geneva, Switzerland
2009 . Retrospectiva Romli, 20 years of photography, Galerie Rive Gauche, Geneva, Switzerland
2006 . Fulgura (video), S.I.A de Geneva, Switzerland
2003 . Maroc (diaporama), Worldwide Congress IWA, Melbourne, Australia
2000 . Effect of the year 2.000 (installation of 2000 photos). Parking of Carrefour Auteuil, Paris, France
1995 . Iraq, martyr of a nation (exhibition condemned the day of the opening ), Hotel Sheraton, Casablanca, Morocco
1993 . Diaporama RIF, the war with  Kif, l’alliance Franco Marocaine, Oujda, Morocco
1991 . Tribe of the Aït Hadidou d’Imilchil (diaporama), A.F.M.I.K. Oujda, Morocco
1989 . Arbres et lumière, Local Hall of  Oujda, Morocco

Shared Exhibitions (selection)

2016 . Bienal Dak’art Off « Stand Up » la Villa Gottfried en Ngaparou, Senegal
2016 . Present absence en WENS Art  New York, USA
2016 . BBAX International Artists Program Building Bridges Art Exchange Los Angeles, USA
2016 . Africa Contemporary LA ART SHOW 2016 of Contemporary Art Los Angeles, USA
2015 . MARTE, Festival of Contemporary Art in Castellón, Spain
2014 . Visions Multiples, Galerie Sofitel Casablanca Tour Blanche, Casablanca, Morocco
2014 . Orient Art Express, collective exhibitions of the artists : Mageur William Kentridge,  Bruce Nauman y Boltanski, etc.
          Oujda, Morocco
2013 . MUVIM Museum, Sixth edition Incubarte International, Valencia, Spain
2013 . MAC, Asilah, Morocco
2011 . Kir Royal Gallery, Valencia, Spain
2011 . Visions Multiples, Sofitel Marrakech, Morocco
2011 . Second edition  of the International Bienal of Marrakech, Morocco
2010 . Installation in situ FEM 2010, Square of the Museum  Reina Sofia , Madrid, Spain
2007 . Lakhdar, homage to the great singer of l’Oriental (video). Projection in front of more than 250.000 people
          in the opening of the International Festival of Raï, Oujda, Morocco.
2005 . Ramadan 2005 (video), TCCC, Atlanta, USA
2000 . Consommation & consommation (diaporama), C.C.P.O. Oujda, Morocco.
1997 . Rif, the war at Kif (diaporama), C.C.P.O. Oujda, Morocco.
1992 . Second Intenational Hall of the Chasse photographique, Oujda, Morocco
1990 . First International Hall of the Chasse photographique, Oujda, Morocco

• Residences and Lectures

2017 . Residence in the studio of the artist Andor Komives Cluj, Romania
2016 . Residence Künstlerhaus Schloss Wiepersdorf Fläming, Germany
2015 . Lecture «Residences for Artists: Which  are their possibilities for expanding?», in the  « Escuela Massana »,
           Barcelona, Spain
2015 . Residence in the studio AWAD . New York, USA
2015 . Artistic Residence in  São Paulo and Río of Janeiro, Brasil
2014 . Lecture «The new publishing practises » Biennial of Dakar, Senegal
2014 . Residence of engraving and serigraphy in the «  Escuela Massana », Barcelona, Spain
2013 . Residence in the studio Gisela Weimann "Symphonie de cuisine". Berlin, Germany
2012 . Residence in the Foundation INLA, Sarajevo, Bosnia
2012 . Residece in the studio of the artist  Virginia Bocaert, Montreal, Canada
2011 . Residence in the  Foundation InspirArte, Valencia, Spain

Jobs Carried Out

2017 . President of the Foundation « IFITRY» Morocco
2017 . President of the Foundation « IFITRY» Germany
2017 . Vice president of the Foundation « IFITRY» Spain
2014 .  President of the Foundation « Maroc Premium » Morocco
2012 . General Director of the Centre  d’Art contemporain d’Essaouira, Morocco
2011 . General Director and Founder of the International Biennial  of Casablanca, Morocco
2010 . General Director of the magazine  Arts du Maroc
2010 . General Director and Founder of the Residence of Artists Ifitry, region of Essaouira, Morocco
2009 . A Member of the committee of selection of the first meeting  Art Actuel
2007 .Artistic  Director  of Mode Made in Morocco
2006 . Photography Director of the magazine  Maroc Premium, Morocco
2003 . General Director  Romli Production, agency of video production.
1995 . General Director of the agency  RCC, first agency of movie making  in Morocco..
1991 .  Responsible person of the Club of Photography of  l’Alliance Franco- Marocaine Ibn Khaldoun, Oujda, Morocco
1990 . Co-founder of the Club of the Chasse photographique, Oujda, Morocco

Mostapha Romli is a curator  in a large number of exhibitions and a member of the selection committee

2016 . A member of the committee for grant selection for students who want to do Master Arts   in the University of
           Fine Arts of Bilbao. Spain
2016 . Artistic Director of the International  Biennial of Casablanca, Morocco
2016 . Curator of the exhibition Africa Contemporary 2016, Los Angeles, USA
2015 . Curator of the exhibition Exhibition «  ENTRE NOUS » in the  IMA "Institute of the Arabic World", Paris, France
2015 . Curator of the exhibition DISPLACED Künstler, Berlín , Germany
2015 . Curator of the exhibition BIC International, French Institute, Valencia, Spain
2015 . Curator of the exhibition I.F.I.TRY,  Collective Exhibition: 30  Italians and Moroccans Artists, in the Center of the
           exhibitions  San Michele Degli Scalzi, Pisa, Italy
2014 . Curator of the exhibition Visions Multiples Casablanca, Sofitel Casablanca Tour Blanche, Morocco
2014 . Artistic Director of the International  Biennial Internacional of Casablanca, Morocco
2013 . Co-curator of the exhibition  "Traces de Femmes, ici et maintenant", Villa des Arts, Casablanca, Morocco
2013 . A member of the selection committee for giving  grants to those students who want do Master Arts at the University
           of Fine Arts of Barcelona, Spain.
2013 . Curator of the exhibition Art Meetings Africa, Near and Middle East, Casablanca, Morocco
2013 . Curator of the exhibition Visions Multiples Marrakech, Sofitel Marrakech, Morocco
2012 . Artistic Director of the International Biennial of Casablanca, Morocco
2012 . A member of the selection Committee in the Foundation  Mohammed VI de Rabat, Morocco.
2012 y 2011 . Visions Multiples Fès, Sofitel Palais Jamai, Fès, Morocco
2012 . Curator of the exhibition Visions Multiples Essaouira, Sofitel Essaouira Medina, Morocco
2011 . Curator of the exhibition Regards Croisés in the French Institute of Marrakech, Morocco
2011 . Curator of the exhibition Meetings of Contemporary Art II, Rabat, Morocco
2010 . Curator of the exhibition Meetings of Contemporary Art I, El Jadida-Azemmour, Morocco


MUVIM museum, Valencia, Spain
Museum  of Contemporary Art  Essaouira, Morocco
Museum of the  Palmeraie, Contemporary Art and Nature,  Marrakech, Morocco
Museum  of  Graphic, Pisa, Italy
Museum of Fine Arts of  Cluj, Romania
Museum of l'Art de vivre, Marrakech, Morocco
Museum The Bettina and Achim von Arnim, Fläming, Germany
Foundation  Building Bridges Art Exchange, Los Angeles, USA
Foundation  INLA, Sarajevo, Bosnia
Foundation  InspirArte, Valencia, Spain
Foundation Künstlerhaus Schloss Wiepersdorf Fläming, Germany
Escuela Massana, Barcelona, Spain
IWA, Melbourne, Australia
French Institute,  Valencia, Spain
Groupe Dounia Hotels, Morocco
CAC  Essaouira, Morocco
MAC "Maison de l'Art Contemporain", Asilah, Morocco
A.F.M.I.K. Oujda, Morocco
La Villa Gottfried à Ngaparou, Sénégal

• Private Collections

South Africa
The United States of America
Great Britain